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Anthonee Williams

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Who am I

I am a Web Developer located in northern New South Wales, having been raised in this area I have encountered many of the issues that face Rural Australia with regards to internet and communication. I see a need for businesses and organizations in the rural area to have websites that can be viewed world wide, while still being easily accessed by your neighbour down the road.

So this is my primary drive, to help Rural Australia better connect with themselves and the world.

What I can do for you

Assess and advise you on the best solutions for your Web Development issues. Too often people charge in wanting the latest new thing without asking themselves a few important questions like:

Often people overlook these questions and get a product that doesn't fit their needs. I can help you assess what you need and advise you on the best way to achieve an excellent result.

Building websites and other internet content is the core of what I do, I pride myself on creating web content that is quick to display, easy to navigate and can be seen by all no matter the device they use. As an extention of this I can also create apps for most of the popular smart phones and tablets used today.




Produce websites

If a website is required for your business or organization I can help you, from design to going live. I can take you through the whole process. Some of the features I include in every website are:

Website's created by me utilize some of the latest scripting languages while retaining some older scripts. This is done to take advantage of the benefits gained by the newer scripting languages while maximizing the compatibility of the website with older web browsers. Where possible websites produced by me are designed to conform to W3C standards, a consortium created to maintain standards for good web scripting practices. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also included; this involves techniques which will make a website more visible to search engines such as Google. I always endeavour to make the website's file sizes as small as possible, to decrease the load times. Websites designed by me are created to take into consideration the many different devices used to view the web today, I can create websites which take into account the screen size they are being viewed on and adjust the content accordingly. An example of my work follows:

Create custom web content

Do you need a new logo for your website, some customised images, maybe some video content or interactive content for your website, I can help.

Design and create web based content management systems

Dynamic content on a website has become vital in todays business environment. If you cannot keep information on your website timely and relevant, potential customers will go elsewhere. Once that customer has gone they are very hard to get back.

A solution to this problem is a Content Management System (CMS) this allows you to add, edit or delete content on your own website. There are many other possiblities on how you can use a CMS, some examples might include:

I can either adapt an "off the self" CMS (e.g. WordPress or ELGG) to suit your needs or I can build you a custom CMS using MySQLi and PHP.

Social media integration

You may already have a website or a facebook page but is the information on them synchronised? Providing a consistent message to your clients is very important, several things can be done to remedy this issue. Contact me and I can help.

Mobile App Development

If you need an app for an Android, iOS or Windows phone, I can create apps for most popular devices by using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Contact me to find out more.

Contact Me

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Email: contact@anthonee.com.au Tap here
Mobile: 04 2722 1422 04 2722 1422
Postal: P.O.Box 610
NSW 2360